March 15, 2017

Percutian ke Melbourne, Australia (Part 1)

On 2013, I ada post pasal nak actively write a blog and then pffttt nothing happen like ABSOULUTELY nothingggg. Haha.
And suddenly now after tendered my resignation and planning to become a housewife, and boom! I panicked. So husband bagi idea why not you relax-relax tulis blog until bersalin baru figure out what to do. Haha.

Sooooo.. Now nak cerita about our "babymoon" holiday whcih happened just recently. We went to Melbourne. The reason why my husband and I pergi sana is to shopping barang baby and to jalan-jalan release stress since I'm encounter an overly stress problem due to pregnancy. (Thank you husband sebab sangat-sangat memahami isterimu ini).

So let start about the trip.

We go there with Air Asia because its the cheapest ticket we can find. We wanna save money on travelling to that we can maximise our shopping or so i though. SIGHHH.(keep reading iif you guys wanna know what happen)

Everyday Air Asia flying twice a day to Melbourne, so you can choose either to fly at day or night. 
We go there at night with flight ticket price at RM2931.00 return for both of us. (we use staff price for return flight).

We safely landed around 10am local time, we disembarked swiftly should i say and went to the immigration counter. Oh my god there was a veryyyy lonnnggg queue. Dah la i pregnant so i was calm and try to look for a lane for "preggers". Cis there was NONE!!

So okayla I still remain calm and look at the line and though to myself "well how long could it be".Chewahhhh positive gitewwww, and then reality hits!! we were in line for 1 hour and 13 minutes!!! can u imagine and dah la im pregnant. I know a normal person would be tired by now and could you imagine ME, pregnant, STANDING for more than an hour. Okayla xpe so we finally made it thru without hassle. A big shout out to Ema for handling our visa. Just few second after, we were held back by one immigration officer whom asked us some random question and jotted down in her buku 555. Nothing personal but my husband understandingly have waited for hours getting through the queue get a little annoyed by it. He asked "what is this about?" and the officer said "its just a standard procedure". yerp "standard" procedure. 

Next, after going through immigration we went to collect our checked in baggage and since we were held back so long our baggage was doing the marry go round on the conveyer belt and so my husband trying to save time im guessing SPRINT to our runaway bag. I broke a slight faster walking pace to keep near distance with him. As soon as we claim our baggage, apparently we were in a line. Ohhh Goshhh another LLOOOONNNGGGG QUEUEEE. and yerp you guessed it folks no special lane for this preggy woman. sooo kesiannn. as said before, we noticed we were in a line,me and my husband was trying to look around figuring where would we queue up. suddenly  this one MAKCIK INFRONT eh not behind was saying "dont cut line. queue eh" in the most MALAY loghat utara you could possibly imagine. CEHHH dah masuk negara orang nak assertive konon makcik ni.  Whatever la MAKCIK so we went around and look for the end side of the queue. Just for everyone's info the queue is for goods to declare. We packed some Brahim's just incase I got hungry at night so we did like most good citizen do during visiting other country (perasannyaaaaa) we declare and we got out at about 1230pm local time. Total of 2 hours and 30 minutes baru keluar kat tempat orang sambut tetamu. Keep in mind we are not fully out from the airport YET. My God help us. 

We memang plan to buy local telco just for one of the phone and yahooo it was mine.hahahha. husband I sangat mengalah. Best husband evaaaa!! Yela nak posts stories on Instagram, pictures and checked in places ofcourse i needed the internet. Ofcourse incase of emergency but who cares xdpt post pic. is a EMERGENCY by itself.hahahahaha. We went and bought YES by Optus. Costs us about 20 Dollars for 5GB only for 5days. (convert dalam RM approx rm70 untuk 5days internet) mahal tuuuuu. 

When we arrive there, we straight away go to the car rental company which is Redspot to take our car. After doing some research, it is the most cheapest rental car we can find which cost us 250 AUD (times by 3.5 AUD-MY) for 5 days for a sedan car. They also pre -charge 200 AUD for toll (OMMMMGGG). 
They gave us full tank fuel but we can return it either full or empty. 
  • Option 1- To return it with full tank (no payment charge) 
  • Option 2- To return it with empty tank, they charge us slightly lower rate (1.10AUD per litre) than outside which is (1.30AUD per litre) 
Option 2 is our option however, who the hell return the car with exactly empty tank so I don't know either they return our extra money or not. Hopefully they return it. 😌 (I'll update you if they return it)

Then we Waze to our hotel which is Ibis Swanston Street. It cost us 500 AUD for 5 days. Extra 25AUD per day for parking. So for parking je dah kena 125 AUD. So we already spent like 1100 AUD for our accommodation. 

May 16, 2013


satu je nasihat saya kepada u'olls.
u'olls cantik. Semua orang pun cantik so just dating with whoever that think you are pretty. "whoever bukan bermakna semua orang ye. Just that special someone.

don't ever date someone who say
" u never wore pretty clothes when we were dating " 
in case ada yang kata begitu, tinggalkan dia. even after 3, 4 years relationship.
sebabnya,.... hellooo..! camana nak hidup bersama selama-lamanya kalau sekarang dia dah rasa kita tak cantik.. 


okay i have a date. wish me luck . 

May 10, 2013

hi. saya baru nak start update blog balik ni. So ayuh!

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